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    Help with dice rolling

    Hi, I'm fairly new to warhammer, and I love the game. But I'm not the best with maths and my memory isn't all that good, did I mention I have a bad memory? So I'm finding that a lot of my time is spent flicking from page 2 page in the codex and rule book, rather than actually playing.
    Now I was wondering if there is a program or excel sheet I could use to help me out?
    I was thinking something along the lines of
    Player 1 Player 2
    Unit 1 Unit 1
    Unit 2 Unit 2
    Unit 3 Unit 3

    So i could click unit 1 and add 10 space marines with a Sergent, missile launcher, and so on. And then do it with my friends army in player 2 section. Then when we are playing instead of working out what i have 2 roll i could click Player 1 unit 1 attacking Player 2 unit 1, from 6 inches away, unit 1 did or didn't move. And have it ether roll for me and say "Roll to hit 6 hit, roll to wound 3 wounded, saving throws 1 saved, 2 casualties."
    Or have it tell me what i need 2 roll e.g. 18d6 to hit 3+, *d6 to wound 4+, *d6 save 6+

    If anyone knows of any program or excel sheet like this can they let me know, If not can you let me know some tips on making it a bit easier for me 2 remember so the game goes a little quicker.

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    Back of the 40k rulebook has a reference page, summarises rules, turn sequences and gives you the tables you need to remember. I have never heard of such a excel sheet or program... it sounds like what you're describing is a mathhammer sheet, but I don't think that's what you're looking for.

    Though in truth, if you have just started to play, don't worry about it. When all of us first started, we were slow just like you. Checking the same rule three times a turn, forgetting if I can move 6", etc. It takes time, practice and patience. Don't fret, it'll come to you in time. Just keep playing games and reading your codex as you need.
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    One of my friends and I had a 2k game yesterday. He has been playing for about a year, but hasn't played in almost 6 months up to yesterday's game. When it came to his turns, he was always gobsmacked about how I knew so much about the weapons, rules and so forth. I reminded him that I had been playing for around 15 years on a regular basis and that tends to help!

    Don't worry if you're having to stop and check everything. You'll get there, and so what if your games take ages? Have your friends been playing much longer than you? If so, they'll probably be able to help you speed up. The important thing is to enjoy yourself while playing.

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