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    Allocating points for Chaos Deamons (buying the army)

    Example: When building an army roster I want to purchase a unit of Deamonettes, lets say 10 total. Deamonettes cost 14 each so ten units is 140 points. Im then allowed to purchase their upgrades. I want to purchase 1 chaos icon for 25 points and 1 instrument of chaos for 5 points. This brings the total up to 170. I then want to give each model in the unit the Transfixing Gaze upgrade for 5 points each (50 Points total for a total unit cost of 220). My friends argue that I can only give one model in the unit the Transfixing Gaze unit. The codex states "Gift one model with: Transfixing Gaze...+5 points" I interpret this as saying it costs +5 points for each model you want to gift in that unit. I do not interpret this wording as limiting the number of models that may be gifted to one. But my friends disagree siting other codexs that have more limiting text. I feel that because other codexs are so careful to specify how many models in a unit may be upgraded that the lack of specification in the Chaos Deamon codex is evidence that it is not intended to be interpreted as a limitation. Can someone point me at case examples or rules directly related to this situation? Thanks Guys!

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    If it says "one model" then only that model may have the specific item. If it says "any model" then the number is not restricted and you pay the item's points cost for every model that gets it. If it says "The entire squad" then if you take the upgrade you must buy it for every member of the unit.

    Example: Vanguard Veteran Squad:
    "Any model may replace his bolt pistol and/or chainsword with...." and a list follows. You can therefore upgrade as many models in your unit as you wish with whatever upgrade you wish from the specific list.

    "The entire squad may have jump packs..." at "x" cost per model. In this situation you either take a jump pack on every model or you take no jump packs at all. There is no in-between number, it's all or nothing.

    Example: Legion of the Damned:
    "One Damned Legionnaire may replace his boltgun with one of the following": only one model can take from the list.

    I no longer have my Codex Daemons, but if the entry is worded the way you quoted it then only one model may be given that upgrade.

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