Grey Knight Grenade Madness - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Grey Knight Grenade Madness

    Basically this question is of the utmost importance to me because i cannot truly create a list until it is answered. As many of you have probably heard Grey Knights have TONS of grenades and this is where the question comes in: if i equip a Grand Master with blind grenades, brain mines, psychotroke and rad grenades, and said character launches an assault do ALL of the offensive type (everything except the blind grenades) grenades that trigger from an assault go off? and conversely do blind grenades trigger with psychotroke and rad grenades when being assaulted? I don't want to waste a bunch of points on grenades if i can only use one type per assault or something like that. I cannot find anything on this in the rulebook so if i missed it please tell me the page number.

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    There is no limit to the number of different grenade effects (unless using them against vehicles). As long as you have the grenades equipped and meet the requirements for their use (assaulting/being assaulted/etc) they work.

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    In this case, you can have your cake and eat it too. Yes, all grenades can function at the same time assuming their conditions are met (i.e. psyk-out grenades only happen when you are charging and blind grenades only work if you are being charged). The only exception is, as pointed out by hockeyman, if you're using them to attack vehicles. You may only use 1 type against vehicles.
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