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    Which first: Scout move or seize iniative

    Don't know if there is already a thread about this but the question is this:
    Do you make the scout move before you try to take the iniative or can you still do the scout move after trying to take the iniative. Cause if it's the latter it would change very much how i run my tactics.
    IMO you do the scout move before you try to take the iniative. But i'm not too sure and want to know what you think all about this.

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    Scout moves are taken before the first player starts his turn. Just before he does so, his opponent may attempt to steal the initiative and go first instead.

    If you look at the wording in the Pitched Battle, Spearhead and DoW set-ups on Pp. 92-93, it says
    "Deploy any infiltrators and make any scout moves.

    Start the game! Once deployment has finished, the player that chose his deployment zone first starts game Turn 1 with his first player turn."

    Under "Seize the Initiative" on P.92 BRB, it says:
    "Just before the player that should go first begins his first turn, the opponent can decide to try to steal the initiative".

    So all deployment, infiltration and special moves are completed before the game starts, and it is just as the game is about to kick off that the Seize the Initiative roll is made.

    Deployment/Infiltrators/Scout > Seize Initiative attempt > Start game.

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    Yep, if there was no risk to scout moving in your opponents face it would be much less satisfying.

    And its much more fun for your opponent if they manage to seize the initiative and strike an exposed scouting unit that thought it was safe, and my opponents deserve some small moment of success before i ruthlessly crush their hopes and dreams.
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