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    if playing the brute squads in a kill-team game using a unit with multiple weapon options, can i choose what i want?
    for example, of im using my Black Templar squads, that can choose between bolter and Bolt pistol & CCW, can i decide which one they take?

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    I&#39;m fairly certain that Brute Squads only get the basic weapon, which in the case of Tactical SM is the Bolter, even if Your own army technically has special options.

    After all, I , as a Tyranid player, am forced to use Termagaunts, even though there are rules for making custom Gaunts in the Tyranid Codex.

    Think of it this way: The "Evil" player is not playing a Codex army, but a generic opposing force, consisting of basic models... Except where modification is explicitly allowed by the Kill-Team rules.
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