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    Feel No Pain and AP

    I'm sorry if this has been discussed but the search function is painfully slow.

    I was listening to the Eternal Warriors podcast and they rain into a rules problem. So the Feel No Pain USR specifically states in its description that the FNP save cannot be taken where no armor save can ever be taken, then lists examples like power weapons. But it also specifically states it cannot be taken against AP 1 or AP 2 weapons.

    So the question is, can FNP saves be taken against wounds caused by a weapon with an AP above 2 that would pierce the model's normal armor? For example, if the model has a 4+ save and is wounded by an AP 4 weapon, can the model take its FNP save? The rule states it cannot be taken against wounds where no armor save can ever be taken, so I would lean toward the model not getting FNP, but I can also see it the other way.

    Is there a discussion or a FAQ for this?

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    You are equating the application of AP with the concept of "no armor saves". They are not the same thing.

    They explicitly mean any wound which comes from a source which never allows an armor save. An AP 3 or 4 wound would allow an armor save to a model with 2+ armor, so it cannot be said that it NEVER allows one.

    You must remember that the guidelines for the negation of FNP are contingent upon the attack that causes the wound, not any parameter of the model taking the wound.
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    Yes this has been shot down several times in the rules questions. Some units have FNP and only a 6+ armour save such as orks with medics etc and they get FNP against bolters. Some units have no armour save and FNP such as plague bearers and they get FNP saves.

    The rule where weapons that alow no saves are not alowed a FNP save is to include weapons such as wind of chaos/breath of chaos etc or wounds from dangerous terrain tests etc. All these alow no armour save but do not techmically have a AP value.
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