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    Instant Death from Boneswords and Complex Multi-Wound units

    This came up in a game the other day, and it stumped both me and my opponent;

    The situation;

    Hive Tyrant (lash/sword/1xScyth) + 2 Tyrant Guard, locked in combat with Ork Nobz unit of Banner/Claw Nob (wounded), Painboy (wounded), 4 Slugga/Choppa Nobz (unwounded) plus an attached Big Mek (wounded).

    On his initiative, the Tyrant ignores the Mek, targets the Nobz unit and scores 4 wounds. The ork player decides to allocate the wounds to the slugga/choppa Nobz, as he doesn't want to lose the banner or painboy.

    As the wounds come from a Monstrous Creature, they are unsaveable and ignore FnP, so the ork player removes two Nobz. The Tyranid player remembers that the Tyrant has a bonesword and that it's wounds have a chance to cause Instant Death.

    How should we have resolved these wounds?

    1) as we did, 2 slugga nobz died

    2) as there were enough wounds for one wound on each nob, one leadership test failed (from the bonesword) would have killed all four nobz

    3) allocate one wound to the first slugga nob. The nob takes a leadership test, if he fails he dies from Instant Death and the next wound is allocated to the next slugga nob. if the first nob passes the leadership test, he then takes a second wound (as you have to remove wounded multi-wound models first) and dies, and then the third wound is allocated to the next slugga nob and the process repeats

    4) as there were enough wounds for one wound on each slugga nob, each one takes one wound and takes a leadership test, any which fail suffer Instant Death, any which pass are left with one wound (for a multi-wound unit with multiple wounded models - try saying that three times fast! )

    The thoughts of you wise gurus would be appreciated.

    [Side note: the actual outcome of the above didn't affect the overall combat result - with the Tyranids sweeping advancing the Orks a turn later for an overall draw in the game. I'd just like to know how best to play it for next time it comes up]

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    as per "3)"

    he got 4 models(the 4 Slugga/Choppa):
    a)1 wound
    b)2 W
    c)2 W
    d)2 W

    1st wound on the wounded one- He dies even if he servive the ID
    2nd goes on 2nd one, if he servive ID he gets the 3rd wound and dies even if he servive the ID
    4th wound goes on the 3rd one and he either dies to ID or servive wounded

    up side down- if you get ID you have to remove an unwounded model 1st...
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    You take a leadership test for each unsaved bonesword wound, then wound allocation kicks in as normal - whole models removed for Instant Death wounds, then wounded models first for non-ID wounds.
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    Or put simply, 1 wound allocated to each, 4 models = 4 wounds, all die since you passed your LD check.

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