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Thread: A few questions

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    A few questions

    Most of these rules I think I know the answer, but so called "veteran" players where saying things that I do not think is right. Here are some questions and just needing clarification.

    A. Does Castellan Crowe blade shield battle stance not work if a higher initiate model is wounding Crowe? ex. 7I model attacking Crowe negating battle stance that allows re rolling of failed saves.

    B. Models can shoot out of a rhino(normal rhino), that has moved more 6in if the weapons are assault? I see the rules saying you can not or am I missing something?

    C. A rhino(not a fast rhino) can fire defensive weapons even if moved more than 6in.

    D. Models from a fast transport can fire from open topped if it moved 12in
    ex: orks battle wagon moving 13in(red paint), guys inside firing on something.

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    A: It works. "In the assault phase, but before any blows are struck, you must choose one of the following..." (Pg 26, GK Codex)

    B: No. "Models firing out of a vehicle count as moving if the vehicle moved, and may not fire at all if the vehicle moved cruising speed" (Pg 66, Main Book)

    C: No "Vehicles that moved at cruising speed may not fire" (Pg 58, main rulebook), additionally, Defensive Weapons specify that they may be fired if the vehicle moved at combat speed.

    D: No, see B

    Fast Vehicle shooting rules overrule the regular rules for the vehicle itself, not for the passengers.
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