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    So my monolith got rammed...

    by my friend's DE Raider equipped with shock prow, aethersails, and flickerfield. This is on the first turn and he moved 34 inches, rolled 6 for shock prow, and hit my Cron Monolith for (what we think) is a STR 14 hit. My Monolith got wrecked, his Raider took an equally massive hit but successfully rolled his invulnerable save. I was surprised and we both had a literally 10 minute laugh and finished up the game happy for another fun 40k game. But we wanted to know if this was legal, so we can take it to the local hobby store (I play DE also).

    Our question is... Can a hit go over str10?

    I know that in the rulebook it states that "Characteristics" cannot go over 10 but the ramming hit is neither a characteristic of a model or weapon so we are unsure. Also, the ramming section doesn't specifically address this situation.
    Thanks for your help. If this works, we both plan on including several more kamekaze Raiders in our future lists to deal with Landraiders, Monoliths, and the expensive heavy vehicles.

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    It cannot. Strength is a characteristic, and (like every other characteristic) may never go over 10 unless otherwise explicitly stated that it may.
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    Stradius would be correct, this is also covered in the main rulebook FAQ. Another thing to note is that since Monoliths are skimmers they may still avoid a ramming attacks on a 3+ like other skimmers.
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