Okay, so I have a unit of Inquisitorial Henchman including one Jokaero. On deployment, I roll on the Ingenuity table and get a 6. I roll two more times.

a) Let's say I roll any result from 1-5 for the first new roll, and a 6 for the second one. Obviously I keep the first dice's result, but do I then get another two rolls on the table because of the 6 (ignoring any duplicates of the first result of course)? Or, do I count the initial 6, outside of the current set of rolls, for the duplicate business and thus ignore the 6?

b) Let's say I roll two 6s. Obviously one of those 6s is ignored via the duplicate roll, but do I get to actualize the other 6? Or is it ignored as well for the above reason (ie. it counts as a duplicate of the initial 6, outside the current set of rolls)?

I'm leaning toward the first options on each of these cases, but I wouldn't presume to know for sure. What are our thoughts?