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    IG Order range radius..measuring?

    I am a new player and am trying to understand the measurement rules especially WRT Imperial Guard orders. To begin, here's what the rules say about IG orders:

    "To issue an order the officer must declare which order he is attempting to use and select a single friendly non-vehicle unit within his command radius to carry out the order." The unit then takes a leadership test to see if it carries out the order.

    Also, the basic rule book on page 3 or so states (in the Measuring Distances section):

    In general, players are not allowed to measure any distance except for when the rules call for it (e.g. after declaring an assault or firing at an enemy, to work out a rule's area of effect, when deploying their forces, etc.)

    Now it seems to me that the Order rule is an area of effect rule which forces me to find out which units are in the command radius, then select one and order it. In talking to several experience local players, however, they seem to think this is pre-measuring; sort of like in the shooting phase. Is my Area of Effect interpretation correct?

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    So what do the detractors propose happen if a unit is outside the radius? Does the order auto-fail? That's not covered in the rules.

    You're told to select a friendly unit in range. You can't select one that is not in range. So yes, you get to check which units are in range when called to select a unit. (Unless there was an FAQ item I missed...)
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    It's pretty clear and simple, and there's 2 things that make psichotykwyrm correct:

    1/ as per the BRB, '... except when the rules call for it', this is a rule, and calls for you to measure it.
    2/ and according to the GW FAQ's, 'as a rule of thumb Codex trumps rulebook', does what it says on the tin really. Any rulebook is trumped by a codex, so rules in army books/codexes override rules in the BRB/Planetstrike/Apoc/Cities of Death/Battle Missions.

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