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    Scouts and vehicles. Wanting to clear a few things up.

    The FAQ is a little iffy when it comes to scouts in dedicated transports. In the BRB (76), it says that scouts confer the the ability to their dedicated transport, however in the FAQ it states:

    Q: Does a unit with the Scout special rule pass it on to
    any vehicle it is embarked in? (p76)
    A: No.

    Since the FAQ>BRB, does that mean that scouts don't give their dedicated transport scouting?

    Assuming that "any" is referring to non-dedicated transports, it also says in the FAQ:

    Q: If a unit with the Scouts special rule is embarked in
    a vehicle, also with the Scouts special rule, can they
    disembark after the vehicle has moved as part of their
    Scouts move? (p76)
    A: Yes, as long as disembarking would be allowed
    during a normal Movement phase. For example if the
    vehicle has moved flat out they would not be allowed
    to disembark (unless specifically stated otherwise).

    Wouldn't this mean that all scouts can move and disembark because they confer it to their Dedicated transport?

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    If a unit has scout and is in a dedicated transport then the transport gets scout too. If said unit instead deploys in a heavy support transport (eg land raider) then it doesn't grant scout to the transport as it isn't dedicated. Scout isnt passed on to any vehicle but the rulebook says it does pass it on to dedicated transports.
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    But he's asking if for some crazy-ass reason,

    IF both the scouts PLUS the vehicle had scout could he deploy and get the scout move???

    More so because nowhere does it say that disembarking is legit for any kind of scouting move(less otherwise state in codex.)

    I.E. Scout move--Disembark--Scout Move(maybe even run.)

    That would get the big nay-no.
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