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    Vehicle Squadrons Armour values

    Okay so this cropped up a couple of times now since I've started using IG. When I have two Leman Russ tanks together in a squadron sometimes when I'm trying to get a LOS to something that is blocked by a piece of terrain, a building or whatever my tanks move to try and get said LOS. However since they are quite large and thanks to the lumbering behemoth rule quite slow sometimes so both can't get LOS to my target so I turn the other tank that can't get LOS to face the other way and put them end to end more or less to try and negate a rear armour shot.

    But thanks to the speed of my friends vehicles Caestus (We have agreed that he can use it) comes to mine as well as Storm Ravens (Deep Striking and moving Flat out), my friend can not only get in range to fire his Multi-meltas but because it is so high up LOS gives him a rear view of the one of the tanks but is also faced with the front armour of the the other. So which one does he use?

    I've argued that while yes, he can 'see' the rear armour of 1 he is also facing the front armour of another and like in a squad of infantry you take the majority or if there is in majority you take the highest, in this case AV14 not AV10. Is there a rule covering this specifically and I've just missed it? Or have I quoted the right rule?

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    Page 64, second column, first paragraph. You use the armor value of the facing of the closest vehicle visible to the firing model. IE, he's shooting against AV14 in the situation you outlined above.

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    plus.....vehicle arcs makes this easy peesy.

    Know the arc which your firing...and know which vehicle is closest for the sqdrn rules.

    BOOSH...for shooting that is.
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