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    Hey all ,

    I am a n00b at Warhammer, and have chosen to take up the Daemon Hunters, and am in the stage of planning out what I need for my army. I had a question about the rules for adding Imperial Guard units:

    On pages 30-31 in the Daemon Hunter's codex, it lists vehicles and troops from both the Imperial Guard and the Space Marines that can be included in the Daemon Hunter's army. I am only interested in the vehicles of the Imperial Guard, most specifically the Basilisk artillary (which is not listed in the pg. 30-31 table).

    Later (pg. 34), on the caption for the two bottom pictures (one showing Space Marines, one showing Imperial Guards), it states that you can gain access to more specialized units such as "Land Speeders, Basilisks or heavy battle tanks". I see the Land Speeder and the Heavy Battle Tanks on the units list, but not the Basilisk.

    My question comes down to this: Are the units on pgs. 30-31 the only units available? My friend seems to think that it is implied that the Daemon Hunters can gain access to such weaponry (specifically Imperial Guard Vehicles in general), but I wanted to ask some people who know before I bought any Imperial vehicles (eg. Basilisks, or even the Leman Russ with a plow on front ).

    Thanks a ton

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    The table on pages 30-31 is the COMPLETE list of inducted IG or SM units you can use in a Daemonhunters army. The caption on page 34 is very misleading, I agree, but you can't base rules off of a picture's caption.

    If you want access to SM or IG units that aren't in the pg 30-31 table, you have to play a base IG or base SM army with allied Daemonhunters. This gives you access to basilisks for IG, but it also severly restricts the Daemonhunters units you can use. The grey box on the bottom of page 21 (DH codex) details the restrictions on that.

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