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    Not too long ago I was playing a battle against a Deamonhunter army, this player had given his justicar edifice armor, therefore giving him a 2+ save, however, the rest of his unit, has 3+ armor saves, is there a way for me to allocate attacks? Or does he choose which model gets to make a save?

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    Double check the mixed armor rule (I can't remember the page number...I want to say 76). IF his Justicar is an IC, you can allocate attacks to him if you are in BtB, as ICs technically count as seperate units (they themselves must be in BtB to make attacks, even if a member of a squad in HtH)

    Shooting works a bit differently.
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    Thats not the question he even asked

    Allocating attacks to mixed armor works the same in shooting and h2h. You must allocate wounds to the majority save first, then once they all have taken a wound you allocate to another, and then another until everyone in the squad has had to save.

    Thus if you have 9 Gks and 1 justicar with a 2+ save the justicar can only take his 2+ save after all 9 other Gks have taken one.. IE its useless and i have no idea why people do that

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    Mixed Armour on page 76 of 4thEd rules, big box labeled "Mixed Armour".

    Also, take a look at the "Torrent of Fire" rule, page 26, right column, third paragraph (the long one), line 6, "Sometimes, however, a unit will be subjected to a torrent of fire so severe that..."

    Since these usually are a bit harder to grasp, I'll make an example:

    5 PAGKs (3+), 1 Justicar (2+)

    1 Plasma wound, 7 Bolter wounds (the to-wound process isn't important for these rules)

    Since You have inflicted more wounds than there are models in the unit, You get to nominate one model to take a save. You nominate the Justicar, and the opponent chooses a Bolter wound to save against. ("Torrent of Fire"). 1 Plasma, 6 Bolter wounds remaining.

    Now the Mixed Armour kicks in, and 5 wounds are assigned to the Majority Armour save of the PAGKs. Opponent takes 1 Plasma wound and 4 Bolter wounds on the PAGK, 2 Bolter wounds remaining.

    1 Bolter wound is allocated to the Justicar.

    The remaining Bolter wound wraps back to the majority Armour of the PAGK.


    Justicar saves against 2 Bolter wounds.

    PAGK save against 1 Plasma, 5 Bolter wounds.

    Note that due to "Mixed Armour", the wounds taken by Justicar can only be inflicted on the Justicar, and those taken by PAGK can only be taken on the PAGK. Examples:

    Justicar fails both of his saves, resulting in two unsaved wounds. The first wound kills the Justicar and the second is discarded, since there are no other models with the same Armour save to remove the casualties from.

    The same applies if all of the PAGK failed their saves: The unsaved wounds could only be removed from models with the same Armour save as the PAGK, and thus can't be dealt to the Justicar with a different save.

    If the Justicar had the same save, the You wouldn't use the "Mixed Armour" rules at all, but the normal Wound allocation process... Of course, since there isn't Mixed Armour to begin with!

    Note on the "Torrent of Fire" rule: Even if the Justicar had the same Armour save as the rest of the unit, if it fails against a nominated wound, the Justicar is removed as a casualty.
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