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    In the rules regarding Frag Grenades during assualts, it states that models equiped with Frag grenades can charge models in cover and strike at the same initiative 10.

    Does this apply to individual models carrying Frag grenades or the squad as a whole?. If a character with Frag grenades joins a unit without Frags, does the character still get the charging cover initiative bonus?

    It seems a bit silly if he should get the initiative bonus and the rest of the squad not since they're all charging at the same time. Yet it would be too cheesy if the squad did get the bonus.

    and, vica versa, if a character without grenades joined a unit with grenades it would be silly if the rest of the squad got the initiative bonus and the character didn't.

    So far I've been playing a majority rule.
    If the squad as a whole has no Frags, any character would lose their Frag bonus if they joined. And a character without Frags who joins a unit with Frags will attack cover at Iinitiative 10 along with the rest of the squad.

    Is there an official ruling?

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    only a model that is equipped with frag grenades can use their special rules.

    that means that a character (without Frag grenades) joining a unit armed with frag grenades cannpt benefit from the unit's frags and strikes after the unit in cover and vice versa.

    I know that it sounds very stupid common sense wise, but that is the way it works. the same applies to other types of grenades, such as blight grenades and so on.
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