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    This may be a bad question, but what exactly does the power do??? In my games, i've interpreted it as the librarian being able to use it and reroll almost anything in the SM turn. That means hits, wounds, and armor saves. Does that include my armor saves?? The ability just seems to powerful, and against Tau (me) rerolling a 4+ save is usually fatal. Am I playing it right???

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    Not quite. The Librarian may re-roll any (as specified in the codex) of his dice rolls. Not your dice rolls, not his Command Squad's rolls, no-one else's dice rolls at all except his own.

    So he can't force you to re-roll your Armour Saves, he can't re-roll his Command Squad's 'to hit' rolls, and he can't reroll his attached squad's morale checks.

    He can re-roll his own Armour/Invulnerable Saves, he can re-roll his own 'to hit' rolls, and he can re-roll his own Morale Checks.
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