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Thread: Librian powers?

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    Librian powers?

    How often can a libririan use his powers? Once per game turn or once per each person's turn? This also goes for his force weapon.
    Can he use fear the darkness in his turn and force weapon in the other guys turn?

    Also, did the debate about veil of time ever get a solution? Can he use it in the enemies movement phase and keep it for the enemies turn and your turn (expires at the end of the marines turn)?

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    You can use a Psychic Power requiring a Psychic Test (or counting as equivalent) once per game turn. This has been clarified by a red exclamation mark (studio member) on the official GW forums... So expect to see it in the next Chapter Approved book, hopefully this year. At the very least, I'd expect a 4thEd clarifications FAQ to pop-up by the end of the year.

    *Mumble-grumble* Damn GW wasn't smart enough to flesh out the Psychic Power rules in the main 4thEd rulebook, relying on people reading Codexes... Which wouldn't be a problem if all the Codexes contained the required information, which they unfortunately do not.
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