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Thread: IC & d.speed

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    IC & d.speed

    all IC's have move through cover special ability.

    So if I assault through cover with a leiutenant & D.Speed, I take it that I roll 3d6, take the highest and double it?

    I'm pretty sure that is how it goes, but I just wanted to ask.


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    It depends on the type of difficult terrain and whether you are charging as cavalry or not.

    1) Some heavy terrain only normally allows 1d6 to move through. In that case you would only get 2d6 for move through cover ability.

    2) You have the option to move as infantry instead of cavalry. In this case you'd only get benefit from the extra d6 from move through cover, not doubling. As well, if you disembarked from a vehicle you can only move as infantry, and thus can't double.

    Otherwise, yes. If you are moving through difficult terrain (normally allows 2d6 to move thru) and the IC is moving as cavalry, then he gets 3d6 choose one (usually highest) and then double that number and that is how far you can charge.

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