Hi all.

I'm reading up on the LOS & Area Terrain-rules atm. Page 21 in the 4th ed. rulebook is understandable and the example makes sense... BUT!

What about units already in difficult terrain, firing out from it? In this example, could the kroots more than 6" into the tank traps (marked with a C) fire at the Necron warriors (unit 1)?
Now, if they were behind it they couldn't shoot through it, that much is clear. But since they're already inside it?

My guess is this: If the kroots would be in that cover but closer (less then 6" into it) to the necron unit, they could fire since they could be fired upon by them, but in their current position (more than 6" away) they could not fire at them at all.

Now, we all now that guesses is not good enough when it comes to GW:s rules... logic just might not always apply... so I'm turning to you guys for some comforting clarification.