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    first of all, are the guns that dark eldar have that are bigger than the regular rifles, are they splinter cannons? the ones with the handle on top and the big barrel and bayonet

    second, do you need to roll to hit and wound for flamers? one or the other? both?

    third, why dont gretchins have a save

    fourth, do psykers that fail and have only one wound automatically die unless they have invunerable save?

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    1) Yes, these are splinter cannons.

    2) Rulebook page 56. Read it carefully, it clearly answers your question about the to hit roll. Flamers are subject to the normal to-wound-roll rules.

    3) Because GW decided not to give them an armour save.

    4) Re-read the rules of the perils of the warp (page 56 if i remember correctly), a psyker who fails the psychic test does *not* automatically lose a wound, you first have to resolve that perils of the warp attack against him. But yes, if this results in the loss of a wound, then the psyker is dead.


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