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    Armoured Company/ Super Heavy rules help

    When using a Super heavy in an Amroured Company, can you give it upgrades from the Douctrines, i.e. I have a stormblade, can I give it Ace gunners.

    Another question when can I use a Superheavy and not have to ask permisson to use it.

    Also can anyone tell me where I can download the super heavy damage table.

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    I would forget about using superheavies in normal games.. There is no time when you can use anything from forgeworld without opponents consent (Unless its a real unit in a real codex, and not a forgeworld creation).. Also superheavies can *only* be used as a second detachment which means only in games over 2000+ points when you already HAVE a 2000 point army, so realistically 3000 points games can allow them

    As for armored company doctines transferring to super heavies the answer would be no. Reason, super heavies are their own detachment and thus not part of the Armored Company detachment, which makes them not part of the same army

    All in all, if you're looking to use super heavies in games where they are not supposed to be used I would recommend playing panzer general or something cause 40k is more of a squad based skirmish game

    In the end people can just throw away the rules and play how they want, I just dont recommend it due to how abusive war machines can be

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