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    I need a little clarifying on the instant death rules and here are 2 senarios in which i would like to know how it is resolved

    1) A space marine chapy with a armor save of 2+ and invul of 4+ , 2 wounds and toughness 4 is hit with a rail gun which is stgh 10 ap1. Does he get a save and if he does which does he get? What happens when he fails the save?

    2) The same chapy is hit with a battle cannon at stgh 8 ap 3. Which save does he get and if he fails it what happens?

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    1) Yes, he still gets his 4+ invulnerable save, cause the weapon only penetrates his normal 2+ save. However, if he takes a wound, then he's toast because ST 10 is waaaayyyy more than double his TO.

    2) Slightly different here. This time he gets his normal 2+ save because the weapon is only AP 3 and can't punch through the armor, but if he fails it, then he still dies a horrible instant death because the weapon is twice his TO.

    Also, remember that if a piece of wargear like a bike or something brings his TO up, then you STILL use the original TO for insta kill. The extra TO just makes the wounding part a little harder.

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