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Thread: Grenades?

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    Can anyone explain exactley how grenades work? I have a few questions regarding them.

    If I have grenades and use them, can I use them again? I mean do troops only have 1 attack with them or what?

    When can I use them? Can I use, say krak grenades against troops?

    When using grenades against vehicles, do you have to be in close combat with it?

    How do grenades "hit"? Do they hit automaticaly against vehicles?

    Meltabombs, am I readin this right, you add 2d6 to 8 for the strength? So if I rolled a 2 and a 6 the strength of the shot would be 16?!? If so, thats pretty damn sweet.

    Anything else I should know about them?

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    As for the amount of grenades, although it doesn’t specifically state anywhere, I believe the unit has enough grenades to last the battle.

    It looks like you want page 39 of the BGB for how grenades are used against Infantry.

    Krak grenades and Melta bombs can only be use against vehicles, they have no effect anywhere else, and the unit using them must be in contact with the vehicle. PG 72

    Yes, you still have to attack with the grenades, the rules for that are the same as assaulting a vehicle with any other weapon. PG 71

    Your spot on with the Melta bombs, although I believe that it's still only 1d6 versus the Monolith (But that’s Debateable (Witch Blade / Singing Spear vs. Monolith))
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    you are assumed to have enough grenades to last the battle so you could assault 6 vehicles or into cover 6 times in a game if you wanted to.

    grenades and their types

    frag grenades. only used in the assault phase when you are assaulting cover. and then they don't damage your opponent they just equalise your initiative with that of the defending troops, with the exception of anything that strikes last ie powerfists, these are always going at initiative 1

    krak grenades only used against vehicles

    meltabombs only used against vehicles

    now you only get one attack (regardless of how many on your profile) when you are using krak or meltabombs.

    to use a grenade against a vehicle you do have to be in btb with it, you can't throw them.

    if the vehicle was stationary in the previous turn then you hit automatically.
    if it moved but moved under 6'' you need a 4+
    if it moved over 6'' you need a 6 to hit it.

    now there are different types of grenades used by the different races and they have different effects ie;
    tau EMP grenades and eldar haywire grenades both ignore the armour of the vehicle completely and automatically roll on the glancing table. on a succesfull to hit roll.

    also some units have special rules when using grenades which supercced the normal conventions ie; ultramarine tyranid hunters can use krak grenades against well tyranids.

    youve got it right about the meltabombs. but there is no debate with the monolith meltabombs only get 1d6 against it.

    there are other grenade types out there but i can't remember their rules off the top of my head. but their use is done in either one of the two ways as above ie; against troops or vehicles not both.
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