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    warhammer 40k battle companies!!!!!

    Im not sure if this should go here but anyhow here it is.

    40K battle companies

    Core rules
    Your force must have one hero
    You may take a second
    No force can have more than 15 models on the table.(10 for SM and CSM)
    No special characters
    No more than a third of your force may have heavy or special weapons. Special weapons are weapon upgrades available to the unit in its profile that do not have heavy on the weapon statistics.
    You start of with 100 points to take items from the armoury for your heroes (no more than 20 each without breaking any of the other rules.) you can also spend these points on items from unit entries.
    No 2+ saves
    You may only take units from your race’s list.(Which are later in this document.)

    Any model within 6 inches of a friendly hero gains +1 to their LD.
    Heroes always start with 2 attacks.
    May select item’s from the armoury worth up to 20 points when your company is founded.
    May re-roll one failed armour save per battle.


    A hero gains 1 experience point in the fowling circumstances.
    When he wounds an enemy who then fails their armour save.
    When he takes part in a battle .
    When he is on the winning side.

    A warrior gains 1 experience point in the fowling circumstances.
    When he wounds an enemy who then fails their armour save.
    When he takes part in a battle.

    When a hero has 7 experience points he may roll on the fowling chart.
    D6 effect
    1 Add one to your BS or WS can't be better than BS 5 WS 5
    2 Add one to your S or T can only be done once
    3 Add one to your LD up to maximum of 10 or one I up to 5
    4 Add one attack may only be done once
    5 Add one wound may only be done twice
    6 Chose one result from above

    When a warrior gains 5 exp he can roll on the fowling chart.
    2D6 effect
    8+ promoted
    11+ becomes hero


    If a hero is reduced to 0 wounds he rolls on this table.

    Lost in battle
    Play a rescue mission. If the captured heroes team loses the hero dies.
    Arm Wound.
    May only have one weapon. If he rolls this again count him as dead.
    Leg wound.
    -1 to move. If he rolls this again count him as dead.
    Just a scratch.
    Miss next game or re-roll on list.
    Flesh wound.
    Miss next game.
    Niggling injury.
    Roll a D6 at the beginning of every game on a 1 he misses that game.
    He may have more than on Niggling injury roll each one separately.
    A Heroes wounds.
    +D6 influence for this game.

    If a warrior is reduced to 0 wounds roll on this chart.
    D6 result
    1 dies
    2-4 full recovry
    5-6 miss next game


    You gain Influence when you do the fowling things.

    +1 if battle is a draw.
    +2 if battle is a victory.
    You can use your influence dice to roll on the influence table of your race, increase or decrease the roll on the table or to purchase equipment from the armoury. In the armoury each dice counts as ten points. (heroes only)

    Space Marine Battle Companies

    Starting force
    2 Space Marines with bolters
    2 Space Marine Scouts bolt pistol and close combat weapon
    1 Space Marine scout with bolter

    Space Marine scout with bolter- becomes space marine with bolter
    Space Marine scout with Bolt pistol and CC weapon-space marine with bolt pistol and CC weapon
    Space Marine with bolt pistol and CC weapon- Assault Marine with Bolt Pistol and CC weapon
    Scout Biker-SM Biker
    Any Space Marine may swap his bolter for a special weapon for 3 influence dice or heavy weapon for 5 influence dice.(no more than a third of your company can have heavy or special weapons)

    Influence table
    D6 result
    1 nothing
    2 scout with bolter
    3 SM with BP & CC weapon
    4 SM with Bolter
    5 scout with BP & CC weapon
    6 Roll on table below
    D6 result
    1-2 Scout biker
    3-4 Assult Marine
    5-6 SM biker

    Imperial Guard Battle Companies

    Starting force
    6 guardsmen with lasguns
    2 Hardened veterans with lasguns
    2 Kaskrin with hellguns

    Promotion table
    Guardsmen with lasgun- Hardened veterans with lasgun
    Hardened veterans with lasguns- Kaskrin with hellgun
    Conscript-Conscript Rough Rider
    Conscript- Conscript Sentinel

    Any guardsmen may swap their lasgun of a special weapon for 2 influence dice or two guardsmen may form a heavy weapons team for 4 influence dice.

    Influence table
    D6 result
    1 nothing
    2 2 conscripts
    3 hardended veteran with lasgun
    4 guardsmen with lasgun
    5 kaskrin with hellgun
    6 Roll on table below
    D6 result
    1-2 Conscript sentinal
    3-4 Conscrtipt rough rider
    5-6 Orgyn

    Conscript Rough Rider
    2 2 3 3 1 3 1 5 5+
    Special Rules
    Inexperienced riders
    If an enemy model is within 6 inches the rider must take a leader ship test in the movement phase.
    Conscript Sentinel
    WS BS S Front Side Back I A LD
    2 2 4 8 8 8 3 1 6
    Weapon: Heavy flamer or Multi laser(these use your max heavy and special weapons limet)
    Special Rules
    Whoops Wrong button
    At the beginning of every movement phase roll a D6 on the of a result 1 you must roll another D6 on a 4+ the sentinels crew is shaken on less than a 4 the crew is stunned.


    Starting Force
    4 Termagants
    4 Hormaguants
    2 Genestelers

    Evaluation table

    Influence table
    D6 result
    1-2 2 Termagauts
    3-4 Ripper swarm
    5-6 2 Hormagaunts

    Tyranids cannot take any upgrades.
    Only Genestelers can be heroes who can take extra equipment from their profile upgrades.
    Additionally heroes are counted as synapse creatures for the purpose of falling back and such like.


    Starting Force
    4 Fire Warriors
    4 Kroot Mercenaries
    2 Path finders

    Promotion table

    Fire Warrior-Veteran Fire Warrior
    Path Finder- Veteran Path Finder
    Veteran Fire Warrior-Crisis Battle suit
    Veteran Path Finder-XV15 Stealther

    Any 1 Fire Warrior may exchange his pulse rifle for a pulse carbine at the cost of 3 influence dice.
    Note Path Finders, Veteran Path Finders and XV15 Stealthers weapons do not count to wards your limit but all together you may only have 3 on the battle field at a time.
    Crisis Battle suits can only take Burst Cannons, Fusion guns and flamers.

    Influence Table
    D6 result
    1 nothing
    2 2 kroot hounds
    3 2 drones
    4 fire warrior
    5 kroot warrior
    6 roll on table below
    D6 result
    1-2 Kroot shaper
    3-4 Veteran fire warrior
    5-6 Veteran path finder

    Veteran Fire Warrior
    2 3 3 3 1 3 1 8 4+
    Weapon: Pulse Rifle
    Special Rules
    Sharp Shooters
    On a roll to hit of a 1 or 2 when shooting may be re-rolled.

    Veteran Path Finder
    2 3 3 3 1 3 1 8 4+
    Weapons: Pulse Carbine
    Special Rules
    See page 94 of 4th edition rule book

    Ork Battle Companies

    Starting Forces
    5 Shoota Boyz
    5 Sluga Boyz

    Promotion Table
    Shoota Boyz-‘Ard Boyz
    Sluga Boyz-Storm Boyz

    Influence table
    D6 result
    1 nothing
    2 2 gretcin
    3 stikk bomma
    4 sluuga boy
    5 shoota boy
    6 Roll on table below
    D6 result
    1-2 Wartrukk
    3-4 War buggy
    5-6 5 trukk boyz

    Any ork may replace his shoota or sluga and CC weapon with a special or heavy weapon from their codex.

    Chaos Space Marines

    Starting force

    4 chaos cultists with CC weapons and laspistol
    2 Chaos Space Marines with bolters

    Promotion table
    Chaos Space Marines with bolters-Chosen with bolter
    Chaos Space Marines with bolt pistol and CC weapon-Chaos Raptors
    Chaos Raptors-Possessed with demonic flight
    Chaos cultists with CC weapons and laspistol-CSM with bolter or BP and Cc weapon

    Influence table
    D6 result
    1 nothing
    2 chaos cultist
    3 chaos cultist
    4 CSM with bolter
    5 CSM with BP & CC weapon
    6 Roll on table below
    D6 result
    1-2 Raptor
    3-4 Possessed
    5-6 Chosen

    Any CSM may replace their bolter or BP & CC weapon for a heavy or special weapon.

    Dark Eldar

    When an enemy model is slain in close combat on a D6 roll of a 4+ it is taken prisoner not slain. If the enemy player wishes he may attempt to rescue his captured units in a rescue mission as if they were all heroes. If you have captured all enemy models this is not possible and your opponent must re form his battle company.

    Starting Force

    5 Dark eldar warriors with splinter rifles
    3 Dark eldar wyches

    Promotion table
    Dark eldar warriors with splinter rifles-Mandrake
    Any Dark eldar can take a weapon up grade from their unit entry.

    Influence table
    D6 result
    1 nothing
    2 2 Prisoners
    3 warp beast
    4 Dark eldar Warrior
    5 Wych
    6 Roll on table below
    D6 result
    1-2 Raider
    3-4 Reaver jet bike
    5-6 Grotesqe

    2 2 3 3 1 2 1 5 5+
    Weapons: CC weapon

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    looks kinda like Mordheim meets 40k (something i've been working on myself)

    but people are gona get bored with it fast with those static starting companies...

    have yo read mordheim? it's EXP system might serve you better
    and the more flexable methods of starting bands might appeal to more players (more customization)
    Pictures of the Smigs Army for your amusement....

    Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

    "Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women"

    "JESUS SAVES! the rest of your models each take a wound."

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    43 (x2)

    Another point to remember... Imperial guards, have a hard time getting ANY army on 15 model... not Force Org like, but because a guardsman arn't that great...

    And yes, read the Mordheim book, the XP and more choosing would help a lot...
    -lurking in the shadows of LO.

    Officially diagnosed by Tekore
    Melkhior, Necrarch Lord

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    121 (x8)

    my recommendation would be to check out the old necro munda.
    Has it all for you, and a better sytem for smaller forces like this. Plus it lets you customize them better with the experience.
    My armies:
    16,000+ of Eldar (only need flyers)
    7,000+ of Nids (want heirophant)
    6,000+ of Space Marines (need rever titan)
    4,400+ of Cygnar (all models for the faction)
    1,500+ of Legion (just started)

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