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    Special Rules and MC Armour Penetration

    This discussion came up in the Chaos forums, and I thought I'd get some 'out of the box' perspective from those that don't necessarily play Chaos armies.

    Page 55 of the BGB deals with Monstrous Creatures and how they work out Armour Penetration versus vehicles. The important bit to this discussion is the section on creatures that have weaponry that augment strength or work unusually.

    So what classifies as 'works unusually'? For instance, I have a Statured Lord with a Darkblade or Great Weapon. Both of those weapons augment the strength of the user, so disallow the use of the 2d6 rule. Fair enough.

    What about the Dreadaxe? It doesn't augment strength, but it certainly works unusually.

    As an add on to this discussion, does simply having the option to use such a weapon forbid the use of the 2d6 rule, or can he elect to pick and choose? The strictest reading of the passage indicates that simply by having the weapon in the first place that you can't claim the 2d6 bonus, whether you choose not to use the strength bonus or not.

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    I'd say that a model with a Dread Axe can utilise the benefits of being a monstrous creature when assaulting vehicles. The Dread Axe certainly does have a special ability that does behave "unusually", but not against vehicles. Similarily, a Power Weapon has a special ability, but against vehicles it is just a normal weapon. The issue with the Talos is that it has special rules for how it affects vehicles and it is that which makes it ineligable for the extra penetration die. A Dread Axe against vehicles is just a normal weapon, so in the hands of a monstrous creature it certainly should benefit.

    Regarding having multiple weapons, I'd say that one can pick and choose. The rulebook's examples unfortunately are only of units that have no choice in the weapons that they may use.
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