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    Combat Drugs, etc.

    I'm new to WH40k and started to play a Dark Eldar army. Nevertheless I don't have a tactical question, instead I need a rule clarification (my Codex is in English, though my mothertongue is German).

    a) I'm not absolutely sure how to use Combat Drugs. Do I have to throw a dice and take the advantage I get. Or am I allowed to pick the advantage I want and only need to throw a (in fact at least two) dice to know whether I suffer a wound?

    b) The Wyches' CloseCombat Save was improved in the Codex Update. They are now allowed to take a 4+ invulnarable save ...
    ... all the time in Close Combat
    ... only during my turn
    ... only in the first turn and only if they started the Close Combat assault?


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    There are 2 types of combat drugs. One is used by squads of wyches, helions and reavers. The other is used by characters.

    For the squad type you simply roll at the beginning of the game to see what the effect is for the whole squad. There is no wounding involved

    For the character type you select how may options you wish to take for that turn at the beginning of the assault phase, you then roll that many dice and take a wound for each double and die if you roll a triple. you may not select the same choice more than once per assault phase, and you may change which ones you choose from turn to turn.

    wyches get a 4+ invulnerable in CC always
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