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    Callidus Temple Assassin Jump Back

    Hi All,

    Quick question about the Callidus' Jump Back. The ability basically states that at the start of any assault phase the assassin can attempt to disengage from combat. You roll a d6, on a 1 she fails and stays in CC, on a 2 through 6 she "jumps back" that many inches. If this leaves the enemy unit unengaged, then they can make a consolidation move at the end of the assualt phase. So my questions are:

    If this is used during my enemies assault phase:
    1) Can the unit I disengage from make an assault in that same phase?
    2) Could a different unit assault the Assassin (provided they are in range)?

    If this is used during my assault phase:
    3) Can the assassin re-assault that same unit in that phase?
    4) Can she assault a different unit?


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    Ok, I'll have a crack at this.

    1) I don't see why not. The rules of Jump Back do not prohibit this, although it looks like the implication is that they only get their consolidation move.

    2) I imagine so, as long as they didn't shoot at another unit in their shooting phase.

    3/4) I was going to say yes but now I'm not sure. My understanding was that the Assasin jumps back in the movement phase, but this could be my mind being stuck on 3rd edition. If jump back is normally used in the assault phase I still think that you should be able to make an assault move and as long as your target is within assault range then there shouldn't be a problem. As far as I am aware there is nothing in the Jump Back rules prohibiting assaulting straight after disengaging.

    I don't have my codex with me (I'm at work) so I'll have to check the wording of that particular rule when I get back. Hope this helps though!

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