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    Flesh Over Steel

    Hi guys,
    First up, this seems (to me) like something that has probably come up before, but I did a couple of searches and found nothing, so here goes.

    Regarding the Space Marine major drawback Flesh Over Steel, do drop pods count as a transport option?
    I ask because although they are in the 'transport' section of the codex, they are not listed in the transport part of unit details (ie: below the parts detailing the units weapons, options and characters).

    I was wondering a) if this has come up before, b) if there is any official stance on this (GW UK's 40k erratta seems to be 'coming soon'), and c) what your opinions on it are.

    Cheers in advance,


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    This question has come up before. I searched for "Flesh over steel drop pods" and found the following thread which should help a bit:


    (Sorry if this isn't clickable, I don't know how!)

    So, as far as being "official" , yes drop pods count as transports and therefore a Fast Attack choice in Flesh Over Steel armies. In general this isn't an issue as such, although you'll find that Raven Guard players aren't happy with this as it is their disadvantage and they are supposed to be adept at drop pod assaults. Good old GW!

    In my opinion they probably shouldn't count as transports under Flesh Over Steel seems to be more geared towards a lack of heavy battlefield equipment such as tanks rather than drop pods which are more a part of the fleet, but there you go. :rolleyes:

    Hope this helps.

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