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    New Eldar Codex Questions

    Greetings all,

    I was reading the thread about wraithsight rending and had a couple more questions.

    -It says that a wraithlord is inactive until the end of its turn. (Emphasis mine)
    Would that mean then that if you are already engaged in assault you would stand there, but during your opponent's assault phase you would spring back to life and defend itself?

    -The Vibro Cannon entry states that you draw a line from the cannon to any point in range (And the firer does not have to pick a target). The RAW would indicate that this functions similarly to Fury of the Ancients in that LoS is not required. (Granted, we have to roll to hit, and a reduced range, but that is compensated for by the increased strength, and the higher number of possible hits)
    Is this a correct interpretation? I think yes, but I wanted a consensus.

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    On the wraithlord/spirit sight issue. Yes it is only during the eldar players turn that the wraithlord is inactive. During the opponants turn the wraithie wakes up and fights.

    On the Vibro cannon, using RAW, there is no need to even nominate a target point. Just a direction is specified so no LOS needed.
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