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    Difficult terrain

    Hey guys.
    This is my first post.
    I am curious about the rules of difficult terrain.
    Does the squad making the difficult terrain roll have to make the whole role?
    And can some of the squad move some of the way while others move farther.
    Also, can they elect to stay put?

    Now last question
    can Tau jumpsuits jump onto/over a building that is more than 6" tall?
    thanks for any responses

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    In response to your first question:

    When any member of a squad (even just one) enters difficult terrain, then the whole squad must make a difficult terrain roll. If, for example, you roll a 5 on your terrain roll, then you don't have to move the full 5 inches. Half your squad could move 3 inches, while the rest of your squad only moves 4 inches (just remember that they must remain within 2 inches of each other). You can elect to not move at all after making a difficult terrain roll, but your squad will count as having moved for the purpose of shooting, regardless.

    As for your second question. I do believe that they can make that jump in a normal scenario. (not sure about cities of death though).
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