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    New vibro cannon

    I'm not sure how many people have been able to get the new codex yet but I have a question about the new vibro cannon.

    Lets say that you have a unit of three vibro cannons and you roll a 1 ,4, and 6 and an enemy vehicle ends up under the line. How many glancing hits does it take?

    I could see arguments for

    1 (it's kind of all one shot)
    2 (the number of cannons that rolled a hit)
    3 (all three cannons count toward infantry as long as one hits so maybe the same holds for vehicles)
    d6 (the number of hits assigned to a unit)

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    I'd say option 1. There is only a single line drawn from the battery, and it states that vehicles take one glancing hit. Multiple vibro cannons effectively make it one big vibrocannon, rather than three separate ones.

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    1) is my first interpretation of the rules, though I would call them "unclear". Afterall, in the case with 3 vibro cannons, why do you get 3 tohit rolls, since it seems to be the case that if just one cannon hit, it gets all the advantages of the other 2.

    In the codex, there is an example where a battery of 3 shoot and 2 of the cannons hits. But any infantry hit still take S6 hits (e.g. Str4 base +2 for the 2 additional cannons), thus they all hit, since each additional cannon add +1S.

    So basically, if you take 3 Vibrocannons, you will hit 87.5% of the time. And all infantry units hit take d6 S6 hits.

    Against vehicles I would deduce that 2) is the correct way. Since it says simple that, "A target with an Armour Value that is hit by a vibro cannon always suffer a single glancing hit." And with 4 and 6 you actually get 2 hits, thus 2 glancing hits.

    Yea, I know, odd weapon. Anybody who have contacted GW on this?
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