OK I'll cut to the chase here: Can a character with a dedicated transport join a unit and then embark on their transport with the unit? Eg. If I have a Big Mek with a trukk, can the Mek (an IC) join a squad of 5 tankbustas and then all of them jump on the Mek's trukk?

The rulebook is a bit ambiguous
Quote Originally Posted by WH40K 4th Ed pg. 62
Dedicated transports may only be used to transport the squad they are selected with plus any independant characters that have joined the squad.
It only mentions this arrangement going one way, but doesn't say anything about dedicated transports for IC's and how the IC joining a squad relates to them.

I'm tempted to think it doesn't go both ways, otherwise it would have been mentioned, but it seems a bit silly that a bunch of trukk boyz can yell out "'ere, get on tha trukk!" to the warboss but he can't hoon up in his own trukk, grab some boyz by the ears and say "get in 'ere, youse are comin wiv me!"