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    Force organization rule

    Hi. I'm new to 40k and think I have decided on playing the Tau. My first goal has been to make an army list so that I know what models I need to buy.

    My problem began when I started looking online for some ideas. From what I understand nearly all of Tau lists I've seen break the rule. The "Mech" army seems popular and it usually consists of a lot of Elite units. How can this be?

    From reading the Tau codex it seems we have 4 choices:

    1 HQ, 2 Troops
    1 HQ, 6 Troops, 3 Elites
    1 HQ, 2 Troops, 3 Fast Attack, 3 Heavy Support
    2 HQ, 6 Troops, 3 Elites, 3 Fast Attack, 3 Heavy Support

    This would imply you can never have more than 3 elites/fast attack/heavy support. And you can't have any elites unless you take 6 troops. Please clarify this for me. Thanks.

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    FoC is the same for all armies as far as I know.

    But there are 2 different classes. Required, and optional.

    Required is the 3 boxes in a different color, any army (unless your playing some special missions like 400 point games) require 1 HQ choice and 2 troop choices. You force must always contain this as a minimum.

    Optional is everything else. 1 HQ (for a total of 2) 4 troop (for a total of 6) and 3 EACH of Fast Attack, Elite and Heavy Support.

    So you army can contain any number of units you want, as long as you have no more then 2 HQ, 6 troop, 3 each of FA, Elite, and HS. and it MUST have at least 1 HQ and 2 troop.

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    Okay, you must have one HQ and 2 troops in any army.

    If you wish you may have up to a total of 2 HQ, 6 Troops , 3 elites, 3 fast attack and 3 heavy support. So basically once you have an HQ and 2 troops, you can choose what you want as long as you don't go over those limits.

    Edit: Darn! Beaten to it again!
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