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    Multiple Armor Values AND Multiple Toughness?

    I came across this question as I was making a retinue for my inquisitor.

    When seing which toughness/armor value to use, you're supposed to go with the weakest. Let's say the unit is 7 strong. 4 of these guys have toughness 3, 3 have toughness 4. So the majority = toughness 3. But let's say the toughness 4 guys have an armor save of 4+, and the tough 3 guys have a 4+ save a 5+ save and 2 3+ saves.

    Do i first go by toughness, then of the guys with toughness i go with majority or weakest armor save? or do i go by majority/weakes tough then by majority/weakest armor save of entire group?

    the first means that your group has a toughness of 4 and armor saves of 3+, second means tough 4 and save of 4+.

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    I think the simplist explanation would be to say - "Wounds are allocated to models solely by majority armour - not toughness."

    In your particular instance, incoming fire would wound your unit against the Toughness 3, since it's the Majority. Check for how many wounds the unit as a whole has suffered. Nothing more needs to be done at this point.

    Then you go on to Mixed Armour rules, which dictate that since the 4+ is in the Majority, any wounds the unit suffered must be allocated to them first. Any model with a 4+ save can take the wounds, but all 4+ save models must be allocated wounds before the 3+ or the 5+ models may have a wound.

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    And a quick search under my name for threads will show a great many in-depth threads about particulars regarding every conceivable variation to all this mixed armour/mixed toughness mumbo jumbo.

    Short answer-caluin is right.
    Majority toughness is applied to incoming hits-all hits wound vs t3 in this case.
    Mixed armour-majority armour (4+) takes hits first. so if 5 hits, all T4 4+ take a hit, and the T3 4+ takes a hit-with any failed being removed anywhere in there. Next two hits would hit the 5+, and the next would hit the 3+. The eight hit could be applied to ANY MODEL the shooter chooses, as per torrent of fire, but this would mean that the 4+ would be getting another hit if it was applied to the 3+ or 5+ models (as models only get one wound, and they wrap back to majority after that)
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