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    A question about the new Eldar Codex

    I was reading my copy of the new Eldar codex and I see that there is no statement regarding having to have a farseer in the HQ in order to have warlocks. First: Can an Eldar Army be commanded by Warlocks? Additionally, Do you have to take 3 warlocks. For example, If you are simply putting together a wraithguard detachment, can you take one warlock to command the detachmnet or are you required to take all three as a warlock squad?


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    Units that are in the boxes in the army selection section are considered to be apart from the regular list, and have a requirement in order to be taken.

    For instance, you'll note the Wave Serpent, only avaliable as a Dedicated Transport, is in a box. This means you can't take it by itself.

    Same goes for the Warlocks - the qualifier for them is the Farseer. By taking a Farseer, you gain access to take a single unit of Warlocks (note: You don't need to run the Farseer with the Warlocks. They may act independantly).

    The only exception to this are Warlocks that are bought as upgrades for units of Guardians or Wraithguard. They're attached to their squad at all times, and may be taken regardless of the presence of a Farseer.

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