I want to clear up some confusion I had regarding the GT rules, specifically using infiltrate in conjunction with the Reserves special rule.

The patrol mission for the GT rules set has the following special rules for the scenerio.

Reserves, Infiltrate, and Victory points. and says setup per scenerio.

Basically how the game plays out is each person gets 1 troops choice to depoly to start, then the rest of the army is in reserve.

My question is which units can I infiltrate? Just the 1 troops choice, or any that move on the table from reserves? To answer my own question I'd say just the 1.

Honestly, I have never though of this idea until I read the GT rules and thought why would they put infiltrate in this scenerio if you could only infiltrate 1 unit?? So I guess the real question is do troops that enter via reserves count as being "deployed" ?