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    round up or down?

    i have to ask... i have always assumed when people said that you had to round up when you are deciding wether a unit has taken 50% casualties that they were right. however. i would like to know where in the rules it says that.
    if i have a unit of 5 marines and i take 2 casualties then i am at 60% unit str. so my foe should gain no points for the unit being at or below 50% streangth. also... if i have 3 tyranid warriors in one brood and one is killed and the other two are unhurt, then is the unit not above 60% unti str.
    this has puzzled me for a while because i would love to write all my space marines armies with units of 5 but everyone says i should make them units of 6. please help.
    thanks ahead of time.

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    Unit's of 5 must take 2 casualties in order to make a morale check for 25% casualties. They must lose 3 before they are below half strength

    Unit's of 6 must lose 2 models as well before they have to make a 25% casualties morale check. Unit's of 6 must lose 4 units before being below 50%.

    Since 40k tends to have masses of fearless and near fearless models everyone recommends just ignoring the morale and make it harder for your squad to go below 50%. That means even numbered squads stay scoring longer.

    I'm not sure what the reference to the warriors was about so I'm not sure if I answered your question properly.

    EDIT: rules help probably isn't the right place for this unless I REALLY misread the question.
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