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    Couple rules questions please.

    had a few rules questions come the book...people I play with are trying to interrpret things.

    1. When charging into hand to hand against a unit already engaged into hand to you get the +1 attack? In the rulebook its pretty simple IMO...some guys I play with are arguing that since the hth didnt origionate against them that they do not get get the +1 attack or not?
    2. Barrage Weapons...who gets hit? anyone not directly under the center is hit on 4+ or is it anyone touched is auto hit...
    3. Multiple Barrage weapons...if a model is touched by separate hits of a multiple barrage...are they hit multiple times or does the multiple barrage just count as 1 weapon so a model could only be hit once...we have alot of monstrous creatures that can get hit more than once.
    thanks for help!!!

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    1. yes you get +1 atk when charging
    2. anyone not fully covered by template is hit on 4+, if fully covered they are hit
    3. Each 'shot' can wound each model once, so if 3 mortar shells land on a man or carnifex, they are hit 3 times
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