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    A bunch of questions

    I thought about starting like, 6 threads, but most of these are pretty simple and to the point. If you could give me page/line numbers from the BGB so that I can support my argument (as my fellow players will undoubtedly argue) I would be much obliged. So here goes:

    If a skimmer dies, does it become difficult terrain? Does moving or being stationary affect this, and does the particular roll on the damage table affect this?

    When assaulting an enemy unit, do you have to move the nearest model to the nearest available model and then 2nd nearest to his nearest, etc? Say, for example, there was a line of troops perpendicular to my assaulting squad, and I am a mere 3" away from the nearest model. Could I opt to move the entire 6" available and engage a model that was not the first, of would I have to move into combat with the model 3" away with my nearest model and then progress with my models that were farther away?

    A unit of Assault Marines with jump packs wants to jump over an enemy unit and assault the unit behind them. Is this allowable? Similarly, if there are two enemy squads that are 2" apart, I believe you cannot move within 1" of the enemy during the movement phase and so could not move between the two said units, is this true?

    These are the generic ones, I have a couple more for the Tau Forum. Thanks for your advice everyone

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    q1. yes, the same as a regular vechicle. All the information for wrecked vechicles (not just tanks) is on p67
    one exception is that if a skimmer becomes immobilised when moving more than 6" it crashes.

    q2. the closest unit must charge into their closest unit, every unit after that may charge into combat with anyone, except that they must make it into combat with the most amount of targets possible.

    q3. p1 p55, you may jump over troops.
    p2. assuming these are not jump infantry moving then you may not move between them p15, in fact that gap could be 3" and you still may not (if you want to be technical it is actally 2.95 inches or someting similar, as bases are not an inch in diameter, they are just a bit shorter)

    Edit: all these answers are in the rule book, very easy to find, all you have to do is use the contents and the index and you arrive at your destination very easily. try it next time.
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