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    Scathis - Daemon Forge Artillery

    So, this is a unit I want in my Chaos army. Too much time on a certain video game I think. Basically a Scathis is a mobile artillery unit, with 6 turrets on board. Which allow it to fire an unrelenting stream of artillery shells onto an area. It will be mounted on a Baneblade Chassis.

    Scathis in action: YouTube - The Power of Four Scathi (not my vid)

    So... the rules:

    F 13
    S 12
    R 11
    Structure Points: 3
    Super Heavy Tank

    Scathis Artillery Cannons (Primary weapons)

    Special Rules:
    Daemonic Assault, Shells of Chaos, Daemonic Possession.

    Daemonic Assault: Deep strikes as per Codex Chaos Daemons

    Daemonic Possession: Ignores Gun Crew Shaken and Driver Stunned results.

    Shells of Chaos:

    The Scathis can fire 4 differing shells. Each causing a different special effect. You must declare before firing and all the shots from the scathis will have this rule.

    Shells of Boiling Blood: All shots are AP2 for this barrage.
    Shells of Change: All shots ignore cover for this barrage.
    Shells of Pestilence: All shots may re roll failed wounds for this barrage.
    Shells of Ecstacy: All units under the template must take a pinning test at -2 LD.

    Scathis Artillery Cannons:
    Range: G12"-72"
    Strength: 10
    AP: 3
    Apocalyptic Barrage (6+D3)

    For the first weapon Destroyed result, the Scathis loses the +D3 from its profile. Every subsequent Weapon Destroyed result reduces the number of shots fired by 1. A Scathis may not move and fire. Although it may fire on the turn it Deep Strikes.

    Cost: 600 Points



    Originally Posted by Archnomad
    Well I picked up my first model when I was 7.

    I misunderstood that... ALOT


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    Sounds awesome!
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    The only thing is, something with that much dakka really seems more of an ork thing than a chaos thing, if you really think about it. That said, it looks good, though having 4 different shells may be a bit excessive.
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