Apocalypse: Destroyer Weapons vs. Wave Serpent Energy Fields - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Apocalypse: Destroyer Weapons vs. Wave Serpent Energy Fields

    So it goes like this:

    Destroyer weapons automatically penetrate armour if they successfully hit a vehicle.

    However they can be donwgraded to glancing hits if certain rules state this (although as now smoke and fast skimmers now cause cover saves I'm not sure this still applies).

    They cannot blast through either Ork Power Fields or Void shields and Eldar Titan holofields can be used to nullify hits and normal holofields can be used to re-roll the damage roll.

    Sooo, does a wave serpent energy field reduce the strength of a Destroyer weapon?

    Strictly speaking the WS rules state that anything above S8 reduces to S8, but the Destroyer is strength D and so the maths don't work.

    One could imply that the Destroyer is in fact S14 as this would auto penetrate anything, however that is an implication and not the rules.

    My feeling is that the D weapon will just rip aside the energy field, but it is obviously a bit of a rules contradiction.

    Anyone have an opinion or house rule on this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daziel View Post
    Sooo, does a wave serpent energy field reduce the strength of a Destroyer weapon?
    No, as per the apocalypse book page 96 the 'D' is not a strength value, it's a designator used instead of a strength value to indicate that no roll is required.

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