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    Continuity Error?

    Hello everyone!

    Well just a quick question, and perhaps debate or discussion/speculation about the Damocles Gulf Crusade?

    I stopped in at Lexicanum page Damocles Crusade, while working on some background fluff for my DIY Chapter. When I noticed this odd tidbit

    The negotiations were successful and the Imperial fleet withdrew from Tau space, primarily due to the impending approach of Hive Fleet Behemoth. Or, depending on the source, the crusade was stopped in 988.M41 due to the emergent threat of Hive Fleet Kraken6.
    Well I hunted down the reference went to the page and sure enough, Codex: Imperial Guard; page 24 right hand column was the date.

    Is this just another error on GWs part or retconned? Or perhaps the "peace" negotiations were to the Imperium a "ceasefire" agreement? Otherwise I what could be done about this?

    Perhaps this has already been discussed or FAQed if so post link!
    Also, was unsure if this should go here or in the Army Fluff section. Please boot if needed!

    EDIT: Just check the 4th ed Tau Codex, since Lexicanum lists 3rd edition as its ref. No dates listed there for Damocles Crusade. Though in Farsights character background the reasoning for imperial withdrawal due to Behemoth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaplainfeicco View Post
    Is this just another error on GWs part or retconned?
    Consensus seems to coincide with the incursion of Behemoth.
    (GW can't even manage timely rules errata, fluff errata ain't happenin'.)
    I'd say 'no' to a retconn, but then again back in the day I really liked the Squa-

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    There are some errors with Tyranid time-line stuff. In the main 40K rulebook the Anphellion project is said to of hapened centuries before the arrival of Kraken which is when it took place. Also the Chaos Marine book talks about a Tyranid invasion and then 300 years after that. This is out of sinc with the Tyranid invasions of the galaxy.

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