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    Member Jaileint's Avatar
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    Who has the largest single codex, painted army for Apoc?

    All you WH40k crazy collectors, list your huge armies and see if you got me beat.

    I've got the following mostly painted and ready for play:

    1st Company
    -60 terminators
    -40 vanguard assault veterans
    -honor guard
    -captain, librarian, terminator chaplain
    -2 land raider crusader transports
    -1 land raider transport

    2nd Company
    -6 tactical squads with rhinos
    -2 devastator squads with razorbacks
    -2 assault squads
    -honor guard

    7th company
    10 tactical squads
    1 razorback
    3 drop pods

    10th company
    -8 scout squads
    -1 scout biker squad
    (2 more scout squads that need painting)

    Death Company
    -60 death company with jump packs
    -10 death company
    -3 chaplains
    -chaplain lemartes

    3 Sanguinary guard squads

    2 Baal predators

    2 Predators

    3 Furioso dreadnoughts

    6 Dreadnoughts

    5 Death Company dreadnoughts

    2 Librarian furioso dreadnoughts

    1 Painted Warhound Titan

    1 primed baneblade

    1 primed shadowsword

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    I doubt I beat you as I only have a single company plus backup of Ultramarines, 7500 or thereabouts.

    Chapter Master w/lightning Claws, Artificer armour

    Captains, take your pick I have 5 all tooled up differently but all in Artificer Armour
    Command Squad (can choose from 8 models to make various 5 model loads)

    Librarians, again 5 of these

    Land Raider Redeemer, w/multi-melta

    10 assault termies w/thunder hammers & storm shields (9), Lightning Claws on Sergeant
    30 Terminators, 2 A/C, H/Flamer, 3X Cyclones.

    6 Tactical Squads (10 each) various loadouts
    2 Assault Squads (10 each)
    2 Devastator Squads w/Rhinos
    4 Scout Squads (various loadouts, one includes Telion) all are 10 strong
    Predator w/t-l lascannon on turret & h/bolters on sponsons
    Ven Dread (can be armed as needed)
    Dreadnought w/multimelta & Storm bolter with DCCW
    Dreadnought w/various as well as h/flamer on Dccw.

    All up I make it around 7.5k points. may even be 8k if I fielded it all together.

    However, I could in Apocalypse add another 2k plus of IG and 3.2K of Eldar, does that count?

    And yes every model is painted and flocked. No primer only, nothing (and I mean nothing) gets used until it's finished with me. I'm a bit anal retentive about that for some reason.

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    Member Jaileint's Avatar
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    Yeah, great army! That's a battle company + about half of veteran first and half of the scout 10th? Very nice.

    Check out this game... http://apocalypse40k.blogspot.com/20...l-numbers.html . Probably the largest single location Apoc game I've heard of. I'd love to get into one of these games. I haven't found a club near DC that does much.
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    Night's whipser The Silent One's Avatar
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    421 (x8)

    This is what I've got for my chaos army

    4 Lords
    4 Daemon Princes
    3 Greater Daemons
    1 Sorcerer
    Brass Scorpion
    2 Landraiders
    1 Predator
    4 Obliterators
    2 Vindicators
    2 Defilers
    20 Havocks
    18, Thousand Sons
    24 Khorne Bezerkers
    10 Possessed
    20 Standard Marines
    5 Terminators
    2 Dreadnoughts
    6 Bikers
    5 Raptors
    3 Rhinos
    10 Chosen
    10 Lesser Daemons

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    Member Jaileint's Avatar
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    16 (x1)

    Have you ever played them all in an Apoc? The largest game I've played so far, I played around 120 death company (some were proxied) + Astorath + 5 Death Co dreads + chaplains + warhound titan. That was about 8500.

    The most fun I've had with Apoc was playing the fighting 2nd Company + 1000 pts worth of death company. On our side of the game, we had about 3 companies plus a line breaker squadron. The enemy had 3 chaos titans, a shadow walker eldar formation, the ulthwe' strike force formation, and a company of chaos marines.

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    Senior Member Playa's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaileint View Post
    Who has the largest single codex, painted army for Apoc?
    Me. It's me. I have the largest painted CSM army in the universe, but I run a LatD/ GSC mash-up in 40kA so I can use most of my models.
    Even if you ignore the odd IG/ Tyranid model it's so lolhueg, I'm a little ashamed of the time I've wasted on it instead of striving for world peace.


    1x Lord Cmdr w/ 2*LC
    11x Librarian + 4x Winged Lib
    1x Capt + 1x Fallen DA Capt
    1x SG Daemon

    6x10 Chosen w/ PF Cmd
    3x10 Termi w/ Lib Cmd
    1x6 Termi w/ 2LC (Ye Olde Retinue)
    4x Dread (1ea) + 2x CC Dread

    6x7 PM w/ PF Cmd, Rhino
    6x8 KB w/ PF Cmd
    6x9 TS w/ Lib Cmd

    2x Full CCS w/ Commissar,
    3* RegAd, 2* Bodyguards, Chimera
    1x TechAdept + 5x Servitor
    2x3 Purestrain Ymgarl Genestealer
    4x Rene IG pltn of 25, incl Cmd +
    4x HW Teams of 6 Squads (Yes, 24)
    1x3 Armoured Sentinel w/ Multilaser
    1x3 Russ w/ HTLLC
    1x ECC Griffon
    1x ECC Basilisk

    Daemon Packs:
    3x10 Infantry
    1x15 Infantry
    1x15 Swarm
    1x5 Beast

    1x9 Biker w/ PF Cmd
    2x10 Jump Inf w/ PF Cmd
    2x3 Counts-as Spawn (Fimir)

    8x10 Havoks w/ PF Cmd
    3x Obliterator
    1x Land Raider
    1x Vindicator
    1x Defiler

    1x Stormlord
    1x Shadowsword

    And a partridge in a daemonic pear tree.


    Under the Haines and EoT dexes, I could bring a different Chaos army to every match.
    Nobody was purpose-building lists ahead of a 40k game with me!
    People would wonder aloud, "Oh God, what is it THIS time?"

    Then came the Gavdex ...
    Apocalypse is still cool, though.
    It got me to build the two Super-Heavies.

    Last edited by Playa; May 31st, 2011 at 16:12. Reason: whimsy

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    Member Daziel's Avatar
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    91 (x2)

    Well I've got a pretty sizeable Eldar Apoc Army. I can't be fussed to write down the whole lot, but there are no models in the current Eldar range that I don't have, and I have pretty much most of the ForgeWorld stuff too. Points wise it weighs in just shy of 17,500pts. Highlights are

    2 x Phantom titans (1 Forgeworld, 1 Armorcast)
    2 x Revenant titans
    3 Flyers
    2 Hornets
    5 Shadow Spectres
    30 Dire avengers
    20 Guardians
    All special characters including Pheonix lords
    10 Wraithguard
    10 of pretty much all other squads
    6 skimmers of various varities
    21 Warpspiders
    etc etc

    No doubt the titans help me hit the high points level.

    Small confession, some of this isn't fully painted yet and I still need to build one of the phantoms. Still a pretty decent sized army though.
    Check out my Blog for my Biel-Tan Apocalypse progress


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    Dec 2011
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    7 (x1)

    For my Vanilla army:

    10 Captains
    -4 from the masters set
    -2 from boxsets
    -1-AOBR Cap
    -Terminator Cap with PW
    -Dual LC Termie Captain
    -Massively converted truescale Captain
    3 Chaplains
    1 Librarian
    Around 70 Tactical Marines
    25 Assault Marines
    20 Assault Marines with no jetpacks (I mostly use them as Crusaders when I play BT)
    20 Custom Sternguard Veterans
    1 Ironclad Dread
    1 Normal Dread
    1 AOBR Dread
    Land Raider Terminus
    Land Raider
    2 Land Speeders
    12 Rhino chassis' with interchangeable turrets:
    -3 Predator Turrets
    -Whirlwind launcher
    -Demolisher cannon
    -6 Razorback turrets
    Thunderfire cannon
    30 Terminators
    5 Bikes
    15 Devastators

    The total is around 10,000 points at least. I also have 2000-3000 points of Orks, a 1500 point Imperial Guard army, a 500 point SOB list and a few Grey Knights. I mostly play Black Templars now, some of the perks they get are invaluable.

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    Drill Sergeant Lord Borak's Avatar
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    2052 (x8)

    I think this is all my Guard

    80 Praetorian infantry + 3 Command units (5men EA)
    50 Mordian Infantry +2 Command units (5men EA)
    70 Metal Cadians + 3 Command units (5men EA)
    120 Metal Catachans & Ecsher Gangers + 4 Command units (5men EA)
    90 Kasrkin +2 Command units (5men EA)
    2 Heavy weapon teams (3 guns each)
    6 Ogryns
    10 Ratlings
    Around 15 spare characters and Special Characters.

    11 Chimeras
    5 Demolishers
    6 Leman Russ
    1 Exterminator
    2 Hell Hounds
    2 Devil Dogs
    2 Hydras
    21 Sentinels
    Bane Blade

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