Well, played this tonight, IG 500 points on defence, DE in attack allowed per the rules 250 more in points, and boy does that unbalance life. The poor IG stood no chance whatsoever.

I used the old Space Crusade board to represent the inside of a base, held by the Guard, the DE came in at one end, now the rules are that you move, your opponent shoots, then you get to do any charge in moves and fight. Well trust me, the DE are exceptional at this, it's like they were designed for it. They let you shoot a couple of models, that's fine, but then charge in and butcher whoever they attack. This meant a squad of wyches, charged by vets and a normal IG squad, wiped both out, no effort needed on their part. Ouch. At the end of turn 4 the guard had been tabled completely. Even the Commissar was dead to a huskblade attack, he had the honour of being last man standing on the Guard side.