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    Demolisher Plans - Intermediate

    The Leman Russ Demolisher

    Being at the forefront of your army is one of the best jobs for this brick. In the role of an armor heavy IG army let’s look at it’s most effective use (Normally in combination with other Standard Leman Russes, although any armor type can benefit)

    Demolisher Cannon
    You all know the benefits of “That” Ordanance template right? The only drawback is the range, and the scatter. Unless you’rwe sure you’ll be in a defensive only position – which is not something covered by the standard missions – you’ll most likely have to move.
    Unfortunately this means you’re more likely to scatter further when you fire, but I’ll go into this in more depth later.

    Combined with the second unique thing about the demolisher - the improved side (and rear) armour it should be quite hard to crack.

    Now, bearing in mind that every non-vehicle unit shooting anti tank weaponry at your army has to take a LD test to target past the closest unit of that type (You did take more than one tank, being IG, right? See (Abusing army threat management thresholds)).
    Even LD10 slip up sometimes, so don’t forget to make them roll.

    With this tactic in mind it’s a good guide to deploy it first (Out of your heavy support choices) around the center if you’re using the long table edge. This also means you’ll be maximizing the short range of it’s main weapon, and it can be quite intimidating during your opponents deployment.

    Your positioning during deployment and movement should take your “fire magnet” tactic into account – remember that infantry heavy weapons can’t move and fire, so their fire lanes which you want to be in should be easy to predict.

    The Hull and Sponsoon armaments
    You really should be moving a lot – to get closer to the enemy, (Or once you’re there 1” per turn so there’s no automatic hits during melee) – This results that if you’re not shooting your ordanance, you can fire with 1x Main weapon and all defensive weapons at most.

    Therefore, for choosing your weaponry options:

    The Sponsoons:

    1) The Multi Meltas. It’s really short range. (Hint – If it’s a vehicle and that close use the cannon.) The guardsman manning it’s BS sucks. If you move you only get to shoot one, and they’re REALLY expensive at 20% of the basic chassis cost.
    2) The Plasmas – In the defence of the Plasma Cannon it does have a good AV, a decent range, and a template(small). However, if you miss the template just disappears, and your guardsman’s BS is poor. And you’re only firing one if you’re moving. For nearly 15% basic chassis cost. You can do a lot better even if it doesn’t look as cool.
    3) Flamers – the templates have to touch the mounting, which is inconveniently down the side of your vehicle. Are you shooting at a large squad conveniently in a U-shape around the front of you? If you’re not sure that’ll consistently happen I’d save the points.
    4) Heavy Bolters – Although your poor guardsman has a really poor BS, the rate of fire here is good enough to compensate for that. It’s got a better range than your cannon, and it’s a defensive weapon. At 6.7% Basic chassis cost they’re a steal.

    The Hull Mount:

    1) Lascannon - On the positive side it has range, and a great anti-tank punch. However it has a guardsman firing it, who only hits 50% of the time. You do not want to be in the position where you’re using your demolisher at range – if this happens you deployed somewhat incorrectly, and if you want some anti-tank punch use your cannon. I can see the argument for a backup weapon, and it’s not unreasonably priced, so it’s your call – personally I expect my demolisher to blow up into many pieces in the first half of the game, so I like to keep the costs down - I don’t want to add 10% to the basic chassis cost for what is really a backup weapon.

    2) Heavy Bolter - Again, your poor guardsman has a really poor BS, but the rate of fire here is good enough to compensate for that. It’s got a better range than your main cannon, and is a 3.33% Basic Chassis cost increase. This is a good choice.


    Improved Armor – for 3.33% increase on Basic chassis costs it means you can keep on moving after 33% more Glancing hits, and still have the possibility of moving after penetrating hits. Really, Don’t leave home without it.

    Smoke Launchers - They’re one shot, and you can’t shoot if you use them. You can charge forwards 12” on the 1st turn and pop them though. That guarantees that you only have a 1 in 6 chance of popping (glancing hit), as compared to 50% (Penetrating/Ord Pen). You may think that not that many penetrating hits will occur due to your high AV, but most armies have some capability: Lascannons, Railguns, Power Fists, Rending claws Etc. A large percentage of opponents will ignore your Smoke Clad Demolisher for better targets after the turn you use it, at which point you should ask them for a LD test to target past it. At 2% Basic Chassis Cost It’s another must.

    Pintle Weaponry – I would always pick the Heavy Stubber over the Stormbolter. Your Guardsman’s BS stinks to high heaven, and that extra shot is needed. It also has the range which matches your heavy Bolters (Really, pick them instead of the stubber if they’re not equipped) and its pintle mounted, so it can shoot at fast moving skimmers at normal BS. However has pathetic AP, and a poor strength, which also reflects badly on it’s capability to destroy Fast Skimmers (you’re looking for 6’s again). I personally don’t like it, but it can have its uses against swarms, and looks good.
    Track guards – There are two schools of thought here:
    1) It keeps your vehicle moving, thus scoring, and
    2) It robs you of the only damage roll that keeps you firing.
    I’m not impressed by it, especially as it only works 50% of the time. When indecisive I go for the cheaper option.

    Hunter Killer – A one shot ST8 missile with a guardsman’s BS? See “Deploying/Moving close to the enemy” above and use your main cannon against armor. It’s not worth the cost.

    Mine Sweepers – I’ll make a “how to” modeling post on how to make this into a radar dish someday, (Think Cityfight / Apocalypse extra’s). I may also collect & chop up four to make a Baneblades angled plough. Only because it’d look so darned good. That’s all there is on this matter.

    Rough Terrain Mod – If you want to, but the chances of you breaking down are slim. Combined with the fact that you deploy half of the scenery, and then place your tank afterwards this shouldn’t be too bad a problem.

    Improved Communications – Great for reserve rolls, but a demolisher really is the last thing you should put it on. It also has a fairly hefty price tag.

    Camo Netting – If you have a spare point, and can’t put it elsewhere I still wouldn’t buy it. I’ve never used them in a game (But started off with every tank with camo& lights as per standard), but if they reshuffle the missions so it’s a possibility I might. It’s a good modeling opportunity though.

    Searchlight – During Dusk /Dawn - it’s useless during Dusk as you can all see them normally anyway in turn 2. On the last turn you’re normally a smoldering wreck (See the fire magnet/sacrificial lamb tactics above), so it’s not even worth the tiny cost.

    Still to come – Tactica for a defensive line of demos, corner shutdown, Standard Russes, & Armoured Front Idealogy.

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