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    Imperial Guard Heavy Flamer Tactics

    Hello fellow members of Librarium Online. Due to my own decisions, and prompted by the request of another user, I have created my second ever Tactica! If you are reading this it means you’re interested in either;
    a)Heavy Flamers
    b)Imperial Guard
    d)All of the above.

    You have come to the right place my friends! This article will discuss Imperial Guard heavy flamers, their applications and the associated tactics involved.

    When you are using heavy flamers, there are several things you must take in to consideration.
    1. Why do I want a heavy flamer?
    2. Against whom can a heavy flamer be used against?
    3. What can mount a heavy flamer?
    4. How can the heavy flamer be cost and victory points effective?

    1.Why do I want a heavy flamer?
    Honestly. Who doesn’t want a heavy flamer? It can torch the basic and even elite units of any army bar a MEQ, and even then they can cause plenty of armor saves. Consider yourself as a guard player, what better way to destroy a large brood of Gene stealers? Howling Banshees? Ork Mobs? Or OTHER IMPERIAL GUARD??? For a low cost it can utterly annihilate units 5 times its own cost. Many times has a deep striking sentinel with a heavy flamer torched a Howling Banshee unit hiding behind some ruins, ready to charge my gun line? Sentinels are dirt cheap, so are excellent for this job, but more on this later. If you think a hellhound is better, consider that you can get 3 deep striking sentinels or even 4 (command platoon sentinels included if you are short on fast attack choices) with heavy flamers as opposed to a single hellhound. They are more mobile, and if one dies it is no big problem! Just make sure you have drop troops.
    2.Against whom can a heavy flamer be used against?
    In order of increasing effectiveness against:
    2.Witch Hunters
    3.Space Marines
    4.Chaos Space Marines
    5.Chaos Demons (not 100% sure, no experience against them, sorry!)
    6.Dark Eldar
    9.Tau Empire
    10.Imperial Guard/Traitor Guard

    3.What can mount a heavy flamer?
    In order of increasing effectiveness:
    1.Leman Russes and Demolishers
    Expensive and this is not their main advantage. You want to use their battle cannon/plasma cannon/ demolisher cannon weapons systems
    A good choice to support a grenadier/ Stormtrooper/ command etc. squad riding with them, can completely annihilate opposition in cover, leaving it open for the squad riding to occupy, although chimeras are expensive and opposition will often be quite a distance a way
    3.Infantry squads with heavy flamers deep striking (jungle fighters and drop troops applied only to them) works well because you can have a normal flamer as well!
    Cheap and more durable than a Sentinel, although more expensive and sometimes a waste of 10 juicy bodies.
    4.Deep striking Sentinels
    Ideal heavy flamer carriers! Just give them drop troops, and watch them torch anything that isn’t MEQ to your fancy! Two of these can really ruin your opponents day, and for only X points, you have twice the chance of just 1 sentinel! They also won’t take up a fast attack slot as you can have them as part of your command platoon which is also an advantage. Think of any unit without a 3+ armor save that won’t die on a 2+? Not much is there?


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    Hi please don't post the same thread twice on the boards, thanks

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