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    necrons VS eldar

    This is something i wrote on request for someone a while back, sorry if it's already been done:

    against necrons, eldar are are strong in:
    close combat. anything with a power weapon will devastate the warrior squads, try banshees and shining spears. Also, almost anything will strike before necrons.
    Mobility is your freind. You should be able to get the charge most of the time, avoid thier arcs of fire, their weapons are nasty. Remember that not all of the army is slow, just the warriors. avoid return fire where possible. For this try guardian jetbikes jump-shoot-jumping, and warp spiders doing the same as well. Or alternatively wipe out a seperated area of their army, your mobility should make focusing most of your firepower on one section possible.
    Blast weapons. Necrons have many methods of teleporting that will leave them closely packed together, perfect targets for blast weapons.
    Dark reapers make excellent fire support against necrons.

    They are weak to:
    necron fast attack. Destroyers will shred aspect warriors if they get a shot at them, wraiths can really mess up shooting squads with their deceptive speed. Scarab swarms can hold up aspect warriors for a very long time, and even win against some of them. You should always shoot heavy destroyers and destroyers first, their firepower is awesome but they're (comparatively) vulnerable to shooting and close combat, killing all of them in a squad will prevent them getting we'll be back most of the time.
    The monolith. Don't even bother shooting at it, unless you're using a contributed fire prism shot you won't scratch it. However swooping hawks, wraithcannons and d-cannons will all do serious damage to it. It's generally best to ignore the monolith. Don't get aspect squads near the monolith if not in two seperate CC's where possible, the monolith will pull a unit out of close combat every turn, and it's secondary gun is incredibly effective against aspect warriors.
    Never expect necrons to stay dead after you kill them.

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    Nice one, I know alot of Eldar players have trouble against Necrons.

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