An Uncorrupted Mind: A Fresh Look At The Grey Knights - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    An Uncorrupted Mind: A Fresh Look At The Grey Knights

    This tactica is a work in progress. As such, please refrain - currently - From
    posting in this thread. I would love feedback, once my main points have
    been discovered and fleshed out...

    ... But until then, just sit back, and enjoy the read.

    An Uncorrupted Mind
    A Fresh Look At Space Marine Tactics & The Grey Knights
    by Anonymous

    Welcome, friend. I won't waste your time with needless explanations, or mindless chatter.

    Who Am I?

    I am a pair of fresh-eyes to the Warhammer 40k universe, who decided to play
    one of the - arguably - most difficult armies available: The Grey Knights.

    Because of this, I have only 23 units on my 1,500 point list, and I am forced to
    discover a whole host of new ways to use 15 Marines, 5 Terminators and 3 GHLR,
    to win victories over other - larger - 1,500 point armies.

    I can not afford to lose a model. I can not afford to waste a point, a move, a

    ... And, because of this, I will be able to show you how to effectively cheat your way
    out of death, from defeat, and into the light.

    So let's get started:

    What Does This Tactica Hope To Achieve?

    Simply: I wish to give you new, innovative, and highly effective ways of using your
    Space Marines, Grey Knights, Chaos Marines, or other similar units. I will show you
    how to command firefights in order to kill the most units possible... While taking
    little to no causalities... And how to win - ruthlessly - Against any army you come

    Keep in mind, these theories (although tested) work for me, not the 'general public'.
    They will require a steady focus, a solid gameplan, and the will to win battles... Not
    play 'friendly games' where winning or losing is irrelevant.

    Here's My First Theorem:

    Playing for the sake of playing is a waste of your time... And arguably the least moral
    action you could take. Here's why:

    You are waging a battle, and playing a game of skill, tactic, decision and thought. It's
    similar to chess, in this respect. You have two moral tenants to uphold, during this

    1) You Are Playing To Have Fun - And whatever this means, you are free to achieve it.
    I believe the only way to play, is to win. And if "stomping your opponent" makes you
    feel squeamish or queasy, consider your only other moral obligation, during this game:

    2) To Provide Your Opponent With A Fun, Challenging, Pleasurable Experience- This
    involves only two ideas: One, you refuse to exploit rules, cheat or otherwise destroy
    the pact you two have, to play fairly. Two, to force him to live at his highest, most
    productive, most dangerous level of existence.

    You see, "pulling your punches" makes life not worth living.. Especially for the person you
    decide to 'help'. As humans, we all are capable of brilliant feats of ingenuity, cunning,
    creativity and deceit.

    Don't dumb your opponent down to a mere child, by playing him like one. If you truly want
    to have a fun, fair and enjoyable game... Play to win. Play to destroy him completely.

    And force him to earn his victory.

    Here's Your Table Of Contents:

    Introduction - Above
    Section One: How You Learn Is Hurting You
    Section Two: Death Of The Water Warrior
    Section Two.Five: A Case For Generalization
    Section Three: Troop Tactics - Marines
    Section Four: Troop Tactics - Terminators
    Section Five: Troop Tactics - Heavy Weapons
    Section Six: Vehicle Tactics - Why The Gun-Hammer?
    Section Seven: Vehicle Tactics - Land-Raider Tactics
    Section Eight: Putting It All Together

    Appendix A: Advanced Tactics - Denying Line-Of-Sight
    Appendix B: Advanced Tactics - Terrain And Table Tactics

    Don't Be Scared:

    Each section is designed to be stand-alone, and readable as-is.

    This tactica will be long and involved... And you can feel free to return to it at any time,
    either to read it a section at a time, or to brush-up on the techniques.

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    An Uncorrupted Mind: Section One: How You Learn Is Hurting You

    Section One:
    How You Learn Is Hurting You

    The current convention is to look around, read tacticas, battle-lists and advice on different
    units and armies. And - however you decide to build it - To develop a list, test it out, and
    play with it.

    In essence: You're told to gather information, look at facts, and are launched out onto
    the battlefield, armed with your wits and an army math or kill-hammered to work.

    That's X

    Think of it this way: It's like you're a young child, given Legos and told to build a fortress.
    Sure, you may plug away, and after much trial and error... You may even build something

    But it's going to take you hours of painful failures, and the end-result will barely be
    mediocre. (After all, it's your first time playing with Legos)

    So how do you speed up the learning process?

    Well, the current school of thought suggests you sit this child down, and explain how
    towers are built. Thick walls are sturdier than thin ones, etc.. Maybe you give the child a
    diagram - or pattern - To follow and build.

    The first tower the child builds may even be adequate. But the child is limited by the
    design he was given, and relies on the knowledge of his teacher and mentor.

    There Is A Better Way To Learn

    ... And it applies to literally any activity you could ever think of. I'm talking about
    something called "Modeling"

    Simply put: Modeling is discovering how someone who is talented in a particular area
    thinks about what his activity.

    In our example, you sit this child down, and explain WHY you build a fortress.

    Maybe you explain how you need a building that's strong... And why. How you would like
    to feel safe, and how ancient kingdoms decided thick walls were best, because they
    were harder to tear down.

    At first glance, they may look the same. But something much strong is going on, under
    the surface:

    When the child is given a set of instructions, or told directions, his mind is led onto a
    single "train of thought." The beliefs and preconceptions his mentor / teacher
    had about this fortress were transferred onto him... Even if it wasn't in the words he

    You've obviously heard we only communicate only 3% verbally. And you have gotten "vibes"
    from people, right? I bet you could easily think back to a time where someone gave you
    options... And you had a sneaky feeling in your gut about which choice they really
    wanted you to pick.

    It's exactly the same, no matter what you're learning.

    Here's Why Learning What An Expert THINKS
    Is More Valuable Than Discovering What He KNOWS

    Eventually, you are going to have to do it without his guiding hand. Plain and simple.

    And the hallmark of an effective, potent general is his ability to improvise and be
    creative, within the confines of his available resources.

    I'm sure you've heard the saying; "A good plan is only effective until it meets the enemy"

    Well... Discovering how a general thinks, is the answer to that problem.

    And Here's How It Applies To This Tactica:

    You're reading this tactica to discover what I know about Space Marines and Grey Knights.

    However, you're also reading these words, laid out in my voice, and with my - obvious -
    bias in each and every detail. So here's how you benefit most from this package of

    Read everything I write critically. Leave no word accepted by faith.

    I will try my best to explain why I chose certain options and strategies over others... And
    how I think about Space Marines, 40k and warfare in general.

    I believe these insights will be invaluable to you, as long as you do not make the - frankly -
    stupid decision to dismiss a tactic simply because it "doesnt work", theoretically.

    I promise you will gain more from this - and any other - Tactica, when you keep this simple
    fact in mind, at all times:

    The Greatest Way To Master An Artform
    Is To Think Like A Master, And Live Like An Artist

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