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    How to use Blood Angels and maximise their strengths

    So i am going to start a tactica for the new BA, even though they aren't out yet, but i am sure many people know the details of atleast one unit.

    The tactica will firstly be just an overview of the units, then i will be working on list styles from there and then tips and tricks.

    All help is appreciated


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    Is this ever going to get off the ground? Not that I'm impatient...
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    There's plenty of appropriate tacticas out there already
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    Advantages of Blood Angels, over vanilla codex space marines.

    1. Fast troop transport
    Having the ability to move an extra 6", allows the player to consolidate positions, mass forces, and change tactics faster than the enemy. One commonly used tactic is to spread your army out during deployment, to get the enemy to do the same. Then, using fast vehicles, mass all of your army onto a smaller portion of the enemy's. Some people think they should run rhinos up close, disembark troops, then assault. I don't. I put 6 of these on the table, all with hunter killer missiles. I run my tactical squads up the table, jump out, and unload 120 bolter shots into whatever nasty enemy troop choice I want to see go bye-bye. Next turn, jump back in and move rhinos towards next victim. Remember, your holy bolter is your bestest friend, respect its power.

    2. Death Company
    Furious charge, feel no pain, ability to take power weapons or power fists, unit strength up to 30, jump packs. A fully appointed death company is extremely hard to kill and delivers quick close combat results.

    3. Assault squad as a troop choice
    I don't see this as much of advantage, except that it gives your troops the chance to deep strike.

    4. Descent of Angels
    Since the key problems with assault troops deep striking is inadvertantly landing in rough terrain or in the range of enemy weapons, descent of angels can be very helpful. This allows you to place your deep striking assault squads behind terrain to allow for a next turn assault.

    5. Sanguinary Priests
    Furious charge and feel no pain for all my men! Whoot! Two honor guards, strategically placed, can turn those mediocre assault squads into beasts.

    6. Red Thirst
    Unreliable, but fluffy and a bit fun, this ability never works for me. Out of 10 squads, I might get one successfull roll. I wouldn't build any significant tactic around this ability, unless you are taking Astorath. If you take Astorath, and load up on close combat oriented squads, and throw in a chaplain and some priests, the red thirst can be some what usefull.

    7. Furioso Dreadnaughts
    Dreadnaughts are great for being heavy fire magnets. It's amazing to me how long my dreadnaughts usually last while soaking up a large part of my opponent's fire power. Put two dreadnaughts on the table to screen your main force while they move up into assault range. The better the paint job, the more people shoot at them. If they do live long enough to get into close combat, they can tie up a unit for the entire game.

    8. Baal class predators - hmm, can we say best anti-troop tank in the space marine arsenal? While the crusader might have a few more shots, for the points cost, the Baal is just awesome. Two Baals rolling up the opponents flank will usually make him change his entire game plan. I use these just like the dreadnaughts, except with a much larger punch. I'll send them up one side of the table towards enemy troops to draw fire away from my death company and assault squads.

    While GW has effectively diminished the blood angel close combat power in this latest version, they are still a force to be reconned with. I try to stay away from the cheesy squads (sanguinary guard, kitted out honor guard, Astorath, Sanguinor, etc...) unless I am playing a large Apocalypse type game.

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